Sunday, 25 June 2017

Small Doctor - Penalty

Nigerian Afropop's fast rising star Small Doctor is widely recognised as the voice of streets and grassroot with his track 'Penalty' becoming one of the hottest hits in the inner city nightclub floors all over the country from Lagos to Warri.  His massive success has not been without some controversy though with some seeing the track as a glorification of the notorious Nigerian internet scammers popularly know as Yahoo boys or G Boys.  Fellow afropop artistes such as Falz have been quoted as saying they find his music distasteful and bringing the industry into disrepute.

Whatever your views on the morality of his music, 'Penalty' features lyrics and a beat  which is quite catchy and a video which is funny so you can see why the song is a hit.and he will certainly not be the first to gain success by glorifying internet scammers or fraud.
I think the song 'Yahoozee by Olu Maintain one of the very first big hits of the afropop era can certainly claim that title.  The singer 9ice also recently seems to have resurrected his career with the hit track 'Living Things' which many say is a shout out to notorious Yahoo boys.  Then of course there is rap music or should I say gangster rap which over years has managed to sustain itself and sell millions of hits in the main by glorifying drug dealing and gun violence.   

So you could say there is nothing new under the sun hopefully afropop cannot be defined by a few songs allegedly glorifying internet scammers as we all know there is a lot more to it. - so I'd say a big Hain!! whatever that means to Small Doctor.

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