Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Rise and Rise of Afrobeat DJ Neptizzle

As afrobeat continues to grow more popular and is fast crossing over into mainstream pop circuits we have to shed our spotlight on some of the DJ's at the forefront of the Afrobeat revolution, London Based Dj Neptizzle Is of Vietnamese Origin and is also one of the leading Afrobeat Dj's with an ever increasing multitude of followers in africa and the UK. 

About Neptizzle
Dj Neptizzle aka Michael Hung Nguyen was born in North London and grew up in Hackney in East London. He started his dj life on the turntables with Grime records at 16, building up his musical and dj knowledge, he also studied music production at University

In 2007 he discovered African Music and started getting into the Afrobeat which was begining to take off in a big way and move into mainstream He started experimenting and Djing with popular afrobeat songs from West Africa mainly Nigeria and Ghana, playing at private functions and gigs the response was overwhelming and the crowds could not get enough of his beats, within weeks he had been booked to play at a night Club and since then has gone from strengh to strength establishing himself on the London Club circuit as a reliable multi talented Dj

He regularly travels round the UK to play at gigs and universities building up a massive following and becoming recognised as one of the top djs on the UK Afro beat scene. In 2010 he started to become a familiar face on Ghanaian music scene playing at hall parties to the young and older generations, he performed at major Ghanaian and Nigerian events in the UK such as Ghana Independence, Ghana  in the park,and The  Nigerian Independence celebrations as well as playing at the London’s world famous club, Ministry Of Sound. He also regularly travels to Ghana and performing to huge audiences and establishing himself  as a major name over there.

 As well as his energetic club sets dj Neptizzle also supplies his fans with free Afro beats mix cds packed with clever mixes and the latest tunes keeping listeners up to date with new music. The success of his Mix CDs  have seen him hand out over 2000 CD's and over 10,000 Internet downloads.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wizboyy -Owu Sa Gi Ft 9ice

This track goes back in time a little bit, 2010 to be precise. but it's such a smooth tune I have to feature it the lyrics just seem to grow and grow on you. listen and leave your comments. Yes it's Wiz Boyy ft 9ice on a production from No-Tyme Records

Owu Sa Gi Mp3

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Luke Dej Ariyaa

Dynamic!Creative!Cultural! These words only begin to describe the music and talents of luke Dej. guitarist extraordinaire/singer/songwriter and percusionist.Luke has steadily and carefully crafted an original body of work he calls a "spiritually tinged blend of pop,jazz,rock,blues,funk and traditional African music." Luke's unique brand of music, addresses all human emotions that fall under the universal theme of Love,joy and peace .He takes music back to its roots with his flexible guitar driven approach to performing and recording. He's ultimately, his own artist.His unique style is shown throughout his music, and his personality is one that everyone falls in love with..
Having extensively toured Europe and Asia with great musicians.He's now currently working on his first solo album which is in international and local version respectively... Check out his first Single...tittled Ariyaa!!!Done in the african groovy dance way with soulful yoruba vocal and straight from the heart lyrics.

Check it out Play Download Mp3 Ariyaa

06 Ariyaa2 by Numusicstreet

Video Ariyaa by Luke Dej
Luke Dej on Myspace
Luke Dej on NaijaPals

Sunday, 25 December 2011

EveryDay 9ice Album Bashorun Gaa

New Offerings from the man 9ice in 2011 from his album titled Bashorun Gaa and this must be one of my favourite tracks just love the lyrics, in the U.S they say no one sings like Joe I think you can say the same of 9ice he got his own distinct vibes and lyrics. very nice video as well;'  If you don't already know 9ice then check this track out.
9ice, whose first hit single “Gongo Aso"  practically skyrocketed him to international fame and made him a household name in many African cities has continued to work hard and has been prolific in his output  collaborating with most of the top players in the Afrobeat industry some could say he fast becoming the new Fela Kuti.., well maybe in a few more years only time will tell he is certainly emulating his hero.

His award credits include 2009 Hip Hop World Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the year as well as 2008 MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Best African Act, 2008 MTV Africa Music Awards Best Hip Hop Artist, 2008 Dynamix Awards Artist the Year, 2009 Future Awards Musician of the Year and many more.

Bashorun Gaa - 9ice
  Bashorun Gaa - 9ice

Bashorun Gaha in History
The title of the Album has generated quite a bit of interest because it's named after a tyrant according to ancient yoruba history.The Historical Bashorun Gaha was described as the Prime Minister of  the old Oyo Empire during the reign of the Emperor, Alaafin Abiodun (who ruled between 1770–1789) Despite the Oyo traditional political system having built in checks and balances to ensure powers were shared between powerful institutions like the Alaafin, The Ogboni (Influential Ancient yoruba Cult) and the council of Ministers and King Makers known as the Oyomesi.

Bashorun Gaha, who was head of Oyomesi managed to subvert the system and usurp maximum political powers, as a result he was  able to dispose of four Alaafins (Kings of Oyo) in sucession and unleash a reign of terror and tyranny with the help of his sons and members of his family who were reputed to have comitted many excesses and atrocities throughout the empire.

He was finally overcome by the fifth  Alaafin Abiodun who managed to outwit him and have him executed many of his children and family members were also executed after his death while a few managed to flee

Ref:    History of the Yorubas Rev Samuel Johnson
Links:  History of Oyo Empire