Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Desai David -Show Me Love

SSMG Promotions introduces  'Show Me Love' by gospel and deeply
spiritual artiste David Desai the Song is a desperate cry for more of
God for all in todays society.

He's tried so many things in life and the so called fun that a teenager
and a youth could ever do. The same had been in penury and in
wealth yet none of all these things can fill in the void of
satisfaction, happiness and great joy that the spirit of the holy one of
Israel brings.

After seeing each desire and dream come true in our lives, the joy of
that feet attained lasts just but for few days and then after it's like
nothing ever happened. To keep a lively spirit we have to go through
that routine and that stress cycle that leads to a dead end. Yet we
still don't  get that satisfaction. We're still empty until the Spirit
of God fills us with great Joy

Now the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy
Spirit. So for people who are yet to be and for those who already are
children of God, the only thing that keeps it (our walk with God) fresh
is the presence and the Spirit of God. That same spirit and presence
which David and Moses cried for.

Brethren there's nothing that can take His place. Not one thing
and not for one day. He's beautiful in all His Ways. So join
me in this prayer.
( Jesus Show Me Love, baba God Na You I Want)!

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