Friday, 23 March 2012

PSquare ft Akon & May D 'Chop My Money'

Unless you ve been hiding under a rock in the Sahara desert for the past few months you should know that 
P-Square are now signed to the Akon label 'Konvict Music' along with fellow Naija stars Wiz Kid and 2face.
The results of Akon and P-square collaboration is the track 'Chop My Money' which features appearances from Akon and Nigerian Rapper May D.
Released late last month the video has been an instant hit on Youtube with over a million hits so far and firmly placing the dynamic twins at the top of the charts where they rightly belong. The video which was shot in multiple locations tells the story of one of the twins spending and losing his money on a beautiful women who does n't return his love .. well what's new, some people would say life is a game you win some and you lose some,  On another level you could see this as a celebration of the power women to manipulate men or maybe its just a case of P-Square having too much money to care. 

Whatever the case the track is definitely a super-hit and Akon seems to have got his strategy spot on, and I can only see this track bringing him more success and exposure to the millions African fans worldwide of course P-Square must be laughing all the way to bank as they gain even more  international exposure and recognition featuring alongside Akon no wonder the're singing  'I don't care if you chop my money'
The role this track plays in popularizing the Nigerian Slangs and Genre of Afropop internationally cannot be overstated and it looks like a win win situation for the Nigerian music scene at the moment. 
Meanwhile Kanye West's Signing of their Arch Rival D'Banj to his 'Good Music' record label does nt seem to be going as well as expected despite Kanye also making cameo appearances at D'banj shows, so far the P.Square hit seems to be way ahead in the charts some observers have stated that one of the reasons for Akon's runaway success is due to the fact that he has more of a hands on approach and has been more heavily involved in the collaborations you could also argue that because of Akon's West African roots being from Sengal himself he probably has more indepth knowledge and feel for the African  market. 
The recent split between Dbanj and his long time producers Don Jazzy also seem to indicate that not all is well at the moment anyway whatever the case I wouldnt  write off D'Banj yet as I suspect there's more to come from that camp Kanye West is a star on top of his game who not only knows the music industry inside out, he is also a master of showmanship and self promotion and  we'll have to wait and see what his next move with D'banj will be, I suspect the rivalries between the two camps  are set to run and run... Just watch this space


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