Monday, 26 March 2012

Dbanj, Kanye West & Beyonce - Oliver Twist Remixed

We knew it would happen and it finally has, Nigerian superstar Dbanj has hit the UK Official top 10 charts with the remix of his track 'Oliver Twist' which features an appearance from Kanye West.
Dbanj is currrently in the UK promoting his new single, the fact that it is now charting at No 9 on the UK  and iTunes charts must be welcome news and proof that his collaboration with Kanye has worked very well.

Dbanj who signed to the Kanye West Music Label G.O.O.D Music in June 2011 has experienced a metoric rise to fame since hitting the Afropop music scene 7 years ago with his hit single Tongolo which was then followed on by a string of hits such as 'Suddenly' 'Why Me', 'Gbono fele fele' and 'Fall In Love

Known for his energetic and charismatic live performances this is not the first time Dbanj has hit the limelight by collaborating with a big U.S RnB Star, In 2011 he also collaborated with Rap Superstar Snoop Dogg to remix his track 'Mr Endowed '

After a rather slow start for the Oliver Twist remix which had to contend with competition from afropop crooners and potential rivals Psquare signed to RnB superstar Akon's 'Konvict Muzik' Label their track  'Chop My Money'  which featured Akon and had been released a few months earlier had been getting a couple of million more views on Youtube. 

Dbanj and Kanye are now fast closing the gap with over a million youtube views of 'Oliver Twist' and going straight into the mainstream charts It now seems there are bound to be more exciting new developments and releases in the pipeline from both Artists and their labels  as they continue to compete for domination of the Afrobeat/Afropop music scene which has been rapidly gaining recognition in the mainstream pop charts.

Dbanj Set feature In Kanye West Movie 
Just when you would think things could not get any better for the Dbanj there is also the news out that he is set to feature in Kanye West's movie "Cruel Summer" which is set to be released later on this year and we can truly say it looks like the man is set to go places and hopefully things will continue to get better.

In Oliver Twists he sings the line "I like Beyonce" and who knows he get to might get to meet her soon.. of course he would need to watch out for Jayz.

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