Sunday, 19 February 2017

Mceeph ft Mr Bobzy - Ngwori

Nigerian Afropop act Mceeph is back with this new hit single 'Ngwori' which means merriment following on from his previous Hit song 'NDIA' this new single released last month is a more upbeat melodious highlife tune sang in his native tongue which celebrates the resilience of Nigerians in tough economic times and state that no matter how bad things are Nigerians still find ways to have a good time and stay happy. i.e nothing can stop them from merriment.

It's quite ironic actually that while so many people in Nigeria and other so called third world countries face many obstacles and struggles to make a living everyday they still find time to relax and stay cheerful while in countries like the U.K and U.S. where life is much more easier and everything seems to be given to you on a plate - depression is one of the most common illnesses.

Makes you wonder why? maybe someone out there can work that one out and  can give me some answers.

Check It Out And Download Now.   It might just make your day.

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