Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Maheeda - Bares All in Explicit Video 'Naija Bad Girl'

They say sex sells and we are all accustomed to stars using their bodies to gain as much leaverage as they can to get their videos views ramped up to the max a prime example would be Miley Cyrus who seems to have achieved all the notoriety and publicity she could ever want with her infamous half naked 'twerking'incident to Robin Thicke at the MTV awards and her follow up wrecking ball video which featured a Miley on an err wrecking ball! with very very little on and earning her millions of views almost instantly.

Meanwhile Beyonce 'Queen B' and Rihana 'RiRi' seemed to be locked in a constant battle to show more flesh and less clothes in their latest videos, so maybe it was only matter of time before an aspiring Diva in Nigeria followed suit and the result is this raunchy video from Maheeda - titled 'Naija Bad Girl' which could not be any more explicit as the young lady bares all.

 As expected it has attracted a lot of criticism from different quarters, Is it immoral and in bad test and how far do you go before crossing over the thresholds of decency? others have also criticised the song for its alleged lack of substance and rather weak lyrics from Maheeda. I'll leave you to be the judge - one thing that is certain is that Maheeda is certainly getting the publicity she craves because of the content of the video however it might not be the type attention she wants and whether or not it will enhance her music career in the long run - only time will tell meanwhile check out and enjoy or download the track and feel free to leave your comments 


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