Monday, 30 September 2013

Femi Kuti - No Place For My Dream

Nigeria's afrobeat pioneer and internationally renowned musician Femi Kuti suddenly awoke in the middle of the night with a melody he couldn't get out of his head he found himself humming it not just the next morning but 24 years later. Today that track is 'No Place For My Dreams' which is on his latest album also titled - 'No Place For My Dream' . 
The album comprises 11 tracks and includes hits such as 'The World Is Changing', 'This Is Only The Begining' and 'Politics Na Big Business'.

On another of his tracks  'My Song' Femi narrates and shares the inspiration behind his music, memories of his legendary father Fela Kuti, The Challenges, The Persecution and the many dreams he has for his homeland, So who says you can't make your dreams come true  well Femi Kuti definitely does'nt think obstacles and the doubters should stand in his way.  

Through his music he continues to bring his dream to life and express his aspirations to make society a better place by speaking out and fighting against problems such as poverty injustice and corruption. 

Overall this is another inspirational work of art from Femi Kuti which his legions of fans will enjoy - check it out now.

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