Saturday, 16 March 2013

Asiko - Darey Ft Jozi & Ice Prince

  Darey takes creativity to a higher level with this New superhot video shot in Sunny South Africa directed by Mark Hofmeyr and produced by Soul Muzik and Trademark Pictures

Darey who was recently billed with American TV Star Kim Khardashain to co host a star studded bash at the Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria which generated an enormous amount of press commentary and some controversy due to the fact that ‘Kim’ who was allegedly paid $500,000 for the trip appeared, hollered Hey Naija and was gone after spending just 45 minutes in the country – now whatever you say about Kim, she sure knows how to make money –Go Gal $500k for 45 minutes!, On a more serious note there been a lot of comment and tweets expressing disappointment at Kim’s behaviour but dare I ask whoever arranged the deal – when you spend dat kinda dollars – there should have been terms laid out or even a contract specifying details of the deal which the other party would have fulfil Or end up being sued for breach of contract –anyway nuff said on this. 

Whether or not she was paid all that money and whether it was good value for money, it has certainly generated a lot of publicity for Darey and the Naija music scene good and bad, and as they say in Hollywood – the only bad news is when there’s no news.

Darey On Youtube

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