Thursday, 24 November 2011

NICK FILL Swag on Fire

If you want to know what happening on the Naija Hiphop underground scene, who are the new movers and shakers then you best checkout Nickfill aka Yannick Phillippe- born in France he crossed over to Lagos Nigeria in his early childhood, growing up in Lagos means Nickfill is as street n slick as they come…a graduate with qualifications in Sociology and  Mass communications and with  a style and flow that reminds me a little of Jayz  he's out to prove a few points . In his own words he says  "I am here to change afro hip hop for the best..I want to rule Afro hip, I just can't let it fade" !!

Checkout his first single 'Swag on fire' from his forthcoming album 'Rap Certificate' which he should be droppin anytime soon.

Play/Download Nick fill-swag on fire

 Swag On Fire/Song produced by Mr Me Mixed and Mastered by Swaps on the Mix... Unsigned/working on a Mixtape to be given free to fans
Nickfill on Youtube


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