Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wanlov " Vevi"

Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu (Wanlov) was born to Romanian mother and a Ghanaian father.
After performing at local events and shows he eventually ventured out of Texas making his imprint on both coasts.

He released his first album, 'Green Card' as 'Konkonsa' in Ghana due to the popularity of his said title track in Ghana. He has already performed in several venues throughout Ghana and collaborated with several artists including his Pidgen Records mate King Ayisoba with whom he did this song with.

The premise of this video is Vevi the squirrel disobeys an elder by climbing the sacred tree...he falls and injures his leg...his friends hear him cry, but come only to laugh at of them finally calls a doctor who bandages Vevi...Vevi is still in pain and accuses the doctor of being fake...everyone leaves rude Vevi in the forest by himself...

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